India is a country with the lot of good places to go around and plan your vacation with your friends and family. You can also visit many places on your own or we can say “solo trip”. So, in this blog, we will talk about which are the places you can go with your family, which places you can visit with your friends and also which are the places you can choose for solo travel. In this blog our main focus will be the famous hill stations, we will also talk about Mount Abu and which are the places to visit in Mount Abu. We will also see which tour provider provides the Best Mount Abu Tour Package.

First, let’s start with which are the best places to visit with your family:

When you are traveling with your family the first thing you think about is the comfort and a beautiful place to go. Talking particularly about Mount Abu, it is a beautiful and ideal place if you are planning your trip with your family. You can reach there easily as it is accessible from Jaipur both by road and train. You can first go to Jaipur enjoy your evening there and then hire the best Mount Abu Tour Package provider and then proceed to Mount Abu.

Now let’s talk about the places in Mount Abu you can visit with your friends:

1. Dilwara Jain Temple- It is located just at a distance of 2.5 km from Mount Abu. It was build in the 13th century. The amazing thing about this temple is that it is made up of marble. It has an amazing architecture because of the lotus present on its roof.

2. Guru Shikhar- If you want to escape the fast and busy life of the city, Guru Shikhar is the place to be. Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of the Aravalli Range and lies about 15 kilometers from Mount Abu. The height of the peak is 1722 meters from sea level thereby promising a breathtaking view of the Aravalli range and the hill station of Mount Abu.

3. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary- The breathtaking Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary boasts of rich biodiversity which adds it to the list of must-visit places in the tiny hamlet. The sanctuary is one of the oldest parts of the Mount Abu mountain ranges and is the origin of numerous sightseeing points with exquisite views. It was given the status of a wildlife sanctuary in 1960 to preserve flora and fauna of the entire region and is, therefore, an important eco-tourism spot.

The sanctuary is a floral beauty with a vibrant vegetative cover of evergreen forests. It is the perfect place if you wish to witness the best of wildlife in Rajasthan in their natural habitat combined with a thrilling experience. It is included in the Mount Abu Tour Package provided by Raj Taxi Services.

There are many more good places around mount Abu where you can go, you can contact Raj Taxi Services for the Best Mount Abu Tour Package.

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