The Ajmer City, situated 78 Miles West of Jaipur, played an amazing portrayal in India’s history. It is situated at a point where the Thar Desert starts and the Aravalli Hills ends. Originally, it was a refuge of the rigid Chauhan Dynasty of Rajputs, those who build the first ever hill top fort in the 7th century. The Tara Garh Fort is also situated in Ajmer. It was named Ajai Meru (The invincible hill) as the fort was alleged to be impassable. The handicraft industry is also very well known in Ajmer city.

Many festivals are celebrated in Ajmer like Urs Festival and Pushkar Festival. As it houses the Dargah or Tomb of popular Sufi saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti. Urs is celebrated as a death anniversary of Sufi Saints in Shrines. The devotees gather at the holy place (Khwajia Sharif) and pay their tribute to the saints and refer to their saints as the lover of god.

Pushkar festival is also organized annually in the month of November, held at Ajmer city, it is organized in Pushkar and a heavy crowed is witnessed in this festival and it is the most participated and the largest festival in Rajasthan where Bazaars, Auctions, Music, Art and Sport takes place.

The best season to visit Ajmer is between Octobers to March and most likely to be visited during the Urs festival as the temperature is very high during the summer and very low during the winters. It is because of the desert like place, the sand keeps the land much hotter in the summers and cooler in winters.

Many places are situated to be visited during the holiday tour of Rajasthan in Ajmer like Adhai Din KaJhopra- the historic mosque with the indo-islamic designs, Ana Sagar Lake, Lake Foy Sagar –artificial lake situated near Ajmer, Ajmer jain Temple – also known as Sonji Ki Nasiyan, the Ajmer City, Taragarh Fort, Nareli Jain Temple, NasiyanDigamber Jain Temple, DaulatBagh, Akbari Fort Museum, Baradari, PrithvirajSmarak, Madar Gate, Royal Safari Camp.

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